Saturday, February 27, 2010

City Life: Your resource for Modern and Contemporary Lighting

If you have ever had or wanted to replace or add a fixture in your home and looked for something that doesn't look like EVERYTHING ELSE YOU SEE... then you know how hard it can be to find. Well, you are in luck. We at City Life specialize in the "stuff you don't see every day" pieces. UNFORTUNATELY, we cannot put every fixture on display here at the store. So I have put together a little treat for your eyes -a collection of my personal favorite chandeliers and pendants available through catalog! Keep in mind there is much MUCH more where this came from...

Sergei (aka Sputnik)-- A classic in mid-century modern and now contemporary desgin (Don't hate, I have this one at my house in gold).

Jonathan Adler Ventana Grande Chandelier- available in smaller sizes and matching sconces!

Uppark Linear Chandelier also available in silver.

Of course... The Jonathan Adler Parker Pendant. A staple here at C.L.

The Jonathan Adler Meurice 30 light chandelier. Some great customers here at City Life have this pendant beautifully displayed in their bedroom which is currently on Rate My Space at which you can view here.

The Letizia Pendant by Nuevo. A modern spin on a traditional piece... so beautiful when lit.
Jonathan Adler Havana 3 light pendant. (Shown in our store in a task lamp version).

A hands down customer favorite.... the Crystal Linear Chandelier by Nuevo.

Capri pendant by Jonathan Adler (available in orange, white, powder blue...)

Capri Saucer by.... you guessed it. Jonathan Adler.

Rico Espinet Candelaria available in 24" and 36" diameters in chrome and bronze (as shown in store).

I'm getting some wacky vibes from this "Filament" pendant by Nuevo... and loving it!

So there you go. I little trip inside my wacky-wonderful design state of mind. Call us at 714-255-9696 or shoot me an email at if you have any questions about pricing or sizes. Hope you enjoyed!

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