Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vegas Market Additions

Hello Everyone! We’re back from Las Vegas Market with lots of new upholstered and case good pieces to share with you!

We’re excited to announce a new addition to the City Life family with Seven and 7th. Seven and 7th is an American woodworking business based out of Los Angeles, California. Every piece is hand made in the rustic-modern style by one master craftsman and his apprentice using only American hard woods and local materials. Every piece is unique in that no two woods are the same and all would be a great addition to any modern, contemporary, or transitional home.

Also, we have brought in more beautiful upholstery from our friends at Pepperberry Furniture. Keep in mind while looking through these photos that all Pepperberry items can come custom in fabric and size of your choice.

Now here’s the good news- We’re offering 30% off all these floor model pieces right now! Take a look below and then come in and check them out for yourself! Keep in mind that this is just a sampling and there are many more pieces to choose from. Get your house ready for the holidays with any of these ready to take home pieces.

Maxwell media cabinet

Coco Sofa and Tiffany cocktail table

Monte Sofa and Winston wire chairs

Nichole upholstered bed and bench (choice of fabrics available)

Angelica desk

Dorset sofa and chair and Waverly zebra wood coffee table

Parker Chairs and reclaimed coffee table

Sullivan green media Stand

American Black Oak Angelica Dining Table

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